Feuille de route Azure

Azure étant en constante évolution, nous souhaitons vous informer des nouveautés afin que nous puissions planifier l’avenir ensemble. Cette feuille de route des produits est l’endroit où trouver les nouveautés et les futures fonctionnalités. Donnez-nous votre avis en rédigeant un commentaire et en votant pour les fonctionnalités. Vous pouvez également vous inscrire aux notifications afin d’être toujours au courant des dernières actualités.

Azure Analysis Services

Date de mise à jour : lundi 23 octobre 2017

Transform complex data into actionable insights. Built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services will deliver enterprise-grade data modeling with the scale and benefits of the cloud.

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Microsoft Cognitive Services—Custom Decision Service

Date de mise à jour : lundi 23 octobre 2017

Custom Decision Service will soon be available in preview. This new service will help you create intelligent systems with a cloud-based contextual decision-making API that will adapt with experience.

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Azure Database Migration Service–Support for source target pairs

Date de mise à jour : mercredi 22 novembre 2017

Reduce the complexity of your cloud migration by using a single comprehensive service instead of multiple tools. Azure Database Migration Service Preview is designed to be a seamless, end-to-end solution for moving on-premises SQL Server, Oracle, and other relational databases to the cloud.

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HDInsight—Cloud-first with Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6

Date de mise à jour : lundi 23 octobre 2017

Operating a cloud service like HDInsight, fully managed and backed by enterprise-grade SLA, will enable customers to deploy the latest bits of Hadoop and Spark on demand. To that end, we're excited to announce that the latest Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6 will be continuously available to HDInsight even before its on-premises release.

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Azure Advisor—New dashboard, downloadable reports, and Advisor configuration

Date de mise à jour : vendredi 17 novembre 2017

Azure Advisor, now generally available, is your personalized cloud service for Azure best practices that will help you optimize Azure resources for high availability, security, performance, and cost.

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Visual Studio Mobile Center

Date de mise à jour : lundi 23 octobre 2017

Visual Studio Mobile Center will combine multiple services commonly used by mobile developers into a single, integrated product. You'll be able to build, test, distribute, and monitor your mobile apps, and then easily add backend cloud services to scale your app to millions of users on demand.

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Azure Service Fabric for Linux

Date de mise à jour : lundi 23 octobre 2017

Azure Service Fabric is a microservices application platform that helps developers build and manage cloud-scale applications.

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Azure Backup instant file recovery

Date de mise à jour : lundi 23 octobre 2017

Backup will introduce restore-as-a-service, so you'll be able to instantly restore files and folders from cloud-based recovery points.

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Azure Database for MySQL

Date de mise à jour : lundi 23 octobre 2017

Azure Database for MySQL will provide a managed database service for app development and deployment that will allow you to stand up a MySQL database in minutes and scale on the fly, on the cloud you trust most.

En préversion Azure Database for MySQL OSS

Azure Active Directory HR applications integration

Date de mise à jour : lundi 23 octobre 2017

Customers will soon be able to use Azure Active Directory’s (Azure AD) cloud-based service to orchestrate user provisioning from Workday to on-premises Active Directory, Azure AD, and more.

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