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Data Integration in the Cloud and Building Data Analytics Pipelines

Présenté par: Anand Subbaraj

In this demo-driven session, learn by example about the tools available for seamless data integration in the cloud with Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics, SQL Data Warehouse, on-premises Hadoop, other data sources and more! Hybrid cloud scenarios are becoming more and more common as organizations need to combine and transform both on-premises and cloud data for analytics and business insights. Imagine a data integration experience where it doesn’t matter where your data resides or where your processing executes, and an experience where you can monitor and manage all of your data processing from a single pane of glass. With Azure Data Factory (ADF), you can easily compose Azure services and diverse data sources into highly available, fault-tolerant data pipelines. This session will include a live demonstration of how to build and manage scalable analytics pipelines that can be applied to real world use cases in the Cortana Analytics ecosystem like device telemetry analysis, automated risk processing and customer profiling.

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