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The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Developer Tools and Cloud Services

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Date de publication : 01/10/2021

Build long-term customer value and outpace your competitors by giving your developer teams faster, more flexible dev tools. 

Read this 2021 Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Microsoft to discover how Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub Enterprise, and Azure help your teams code, collaborate, and ship applications quickly and securely—without compromising quality.

Download this study to learn how to help your business:

  • Get a potential 560% return on investment and payback in less than six months, with a net present value of $18.29M over three years.
  • Lower personnel development costs, increase productivity, and save developers more than one hour per day.
  • Speed up your time to market with real-time and asynchronous collaboration tools, so you can ship new apps and update existing ones faster. 

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