Modèles de démarrage rapide Azure

Déployez des ressources Azure via Azure Resource Manager avec des modèles distribués par la communauté pour améliorer votre productivité. Déployez, apprenez, répliquez et contribuez.

Présentation d'Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager vous permet d’approvisionner vos applications à l’aide d’un modèle déclaratif. Dans un modèle unique, vous pouvez déployer plusieurs services avec leurs dépendances. Vous utilisez le même modèle pour déployer de manière répétée votre application à chaque étape de son cycle de vie.

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App Configuration

This template references existing key-value configurations from an existing config store and uses retrieved values to set properties of the resources the template creates.

mamccrea par Mary McCready,
Dernière mise à jour : 11/05/2021

Application Security Groups

This template shows how to put together the pieces to secure workloads using NSGs with Application Security Groups. It will deploy a Linux VM running NGINX and through the usage of Applicaton Security Groups on Network Security Groups we will allow access to ports 22 and 80 to a VM assigned to Application Security Group called webServersAsg.

paulomarquesc par Paulo Marques,
Dernière mise à jour : 11/05/2021

Testing environment for Azure Firewall Premium

This template creates an Azure Firewall Premium and Firewall Policy with premium features such as Intrusion Inspection Detection (IDPS), TLS inspection and Web Category filtering

gersner par gersner,
Dernière mise à jour : 11/05/2021

Create a standard load-balancer

This template creates an Internet-facing load-balancer, load balancing rules, and three VMs for the backend pool with each VM in a redundant zone.

mumian par Jonathan Gao,
Dernière mise à jour : 11/05/2021

Enable encryption on a running Windows VM without AAD

This template enables encryption on a running windows VM without needing AAD application details

SudhakaraReddyEvuri par Sudhakara Reddy Evuri,
Dernière mise à jour : 11/05/2021

App Service Environment with Azure SQL backend

This template creates an App Service Environment with an Azure SQL backend along with private endpoints along with associated resources typically used in an private/isolated environment.

seekdavidlee par ENG-KEONG DAVID LEE,
Dernière mise à jour : 11/05/2021

Create a sandbox setup of Azure Firewall with Zones

This template creates a virtual network with three subnets (server subnet, jumpbox subnet, and Azure Firewall subnet), a jumpbox VM with public IP, A server VM, UDR route to point to Azure Firewall for the ServerSubnet,an Azure Firewall with one or more Public IP addresses, one sample application rule, and one sample network rule and Azure Firewall in Availability Zones 1, 2, and 3.

MadhusudhanRavi par Madhusudhan Ravi,
Dernière mise à jour : 11/05/2021

Create a cross-region load balancer

This template creates a cross-region load balancer with a backend pool containing two regional load balancers. Cross-region load balancer is currently available in limited regions. The regional load balancers behind the cross-region load balancer can be in any region.

asudbring par Allen Sudbring,
Dernière mise à jour : 11/05/2021

SonarQube on Windows with Azure SQL Database

Deploy a Windows VM with SonarQube installed and configured against an Azure SQL Database.

rajbos par Rob Bos,
Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2021

Deploy a 5 Node Secure Cluster

This template allows you to deploy a secure 5 node Service Fabric Cluster running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter on a Standard_D2_v2 Size VMSS.

erikadoyle par Erika Doyle Navara,
Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2021

Azure VM-to-VM bandwidth meter

This template allows you to run VM-to-VM bandwidth test with PsPing utility.

AlekseiPolkovnikov par Aleksei Polkovnikov,
Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2021

Install Configuration Manager Tech Preview Lab in Azure

This template creates 3 or 4 new Azure VMs. It configures a new AD domain controler , a new standalone primary site with SQL Server, a remote site system server with Management Point and Distribution Point and a client(options).

YuanhengYang par YuanhengYang,
Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2021

SharePoint 2019 / 2016 / 2013 fully configured

Create a SharePoint 2019 / 2016 / 2013 farm with a web application set with Windows and ADFS authentication, and some path based and host-named site collections. It also provisions User Profiles and Apps service applications and installs claims provider LDAPCP.

Yvand par Yvan Duhamel,
Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2021

Spin up a Torque cluster

Template spins up a Torque cluster.

YidingZhou par Yiding Zhou,
Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2021

Create an Ubuntu GNOME desktop

This template creates an ubuntu desktop machine. This works great for use as a jumpbox behind a NAT.

anhowe par Anthony Howe,
Dernière mise à jour : 10/05/2021

Qlik Sense Enterprise single node

This template provisions a single node Qlik Sense Enterprise site. Bring your own license.

clintcarr par Clint Carr,
Dernière mise à jour : 09/05/2021

Red Hat Linux 3-Tier Solution on Azure

This template allows you to deploy a 3 Tier architecture using 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3' virtual machines. Architecture includes Virtual Network, external and internal load balancers, Jump VM, NSGs etc along with multiple RHEL Virtual machines in each tier

amalik99 par Amit Malik,
Dernière mise à jour : 07/05/2021

Install MongoDB on an Ubuntu VM using Custom Script LinuxExt

This template deploys Mongo DB on an Ubuntu Virtual Machine. This template also deploys a Storage Account, Virtual Network, Public IP addresses and a Network Interface.

mahthi par Mahesh Thiagarajan,
Dernière mise à jour : 06/05/2021

Deploy Ubuntu VM with Open JDK and Tomcat

This template allows you to create a Ubuntu VM with OpenJDK and Tomcat. Currently custom script file is pulled temporarily from https link on Once the VM is successfully provisioned, tomcat installation can be verified by accessing the http link [FQDN name or public IP]:8080/

snallami par Suresh Nallamilli,
Dernière mise à jour : 06/05/2021

Deploy Open edX Dogwood (Multi-VM).

This template creates a network of Ubuntu VMs, and deploys Open edX Dogwood on them. Deployment supports 1-9 application VMs and backend Mongo and MySQL VMs.

chenriksson par Christy Henriksson,
Dernière mise à jour : 06/05/2021

Deploy OpenSIS Community Edition cluster on Ubuntu

This template deploys OpenSIS Community Edition as a LAMP application on Ubuntu. It creates a one or more Ubuntu VM for the front end and a single VM for the backend. It does a silent install of Apache and PHP on the front end VM's and MySQL on the backend VM. Then it deploys OpenSIS Community Edition on the cluster. After the deployment is successful, you can go to /opensis-ce on each of the front end VM's (using web admin access) to start congfiguring OpenSIS.

vinhub par Vinayak (Vin) Bhalerao,
Dernière mise à jour : 06/05/2021

Deploy Open edX fullstack (Ficus) on a single Ubuntu VM.

This template creates a single Ubuntu VM and deploys Open edX fullstack (Ficus) on it.

saravpal par saravpal,
Dernière mise à jour : 06/05/2021

RDS farm deployment using existing active directory

This template creates a RDS farm deployment using existing active directory in same resource group

MahendraAgrawal par MahendraAgrawal,
Dernière mise à jour : 06/05/2021

Add multiple VMs into a Virtual Machine Scale Set

This template will create N number of VM's with managed disks, public IPs and network interfaces. It will create the VMs in a Virtual Machine Scale Set in Flexible Orchestration mode. They will be provisioned in a Virtual Network which will also be created as part of the deployment

fitzgeraldsteele par Fitzgerald Steele,
Dernière mise à jour : 06/05/2021