Encode and Deliver a Live Stream with Azure Media Services using .NET SDK

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The sample shows how to create a channel that receives a single-bitrate live stream and encodes it to multi-bitrate stream.

Running this sample

  1. Use Nuget to install the latest Azure Media Services .NET SDK.

    Install-Package windowsazure.mediaservices.

  2. Add the appSettings section to the app.config file, and set the values for your Media Services account name and account key.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
          <add key="MediaServicesAccountName" value="YouMediaServicesAccountName" />
          <add key="MediaServicesAccountKey" value="YouMediaServicesAccountKey" />
  3. Review the Working with Channels that are Enabled to Perform Live Encoding with Azure Media Services topic.

About the code

For more information, see Create Channels that Perform Live Encoding from a Single-bitrate to Multi-bitrate Stream using .NET SDK.

More information

You can view AMS learning paths here: