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    • Can I use Azure for free?

      With an Azure free account, you get 12 months of popular services for free, a USD200 credit to explore any Azure service for 30 days, plus more than 25 services that are always free. Create your free account here.

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    • How does free account work with always free?

      An Azure free account is your access to use Azure services. When you sign up for an Azure free account, you get a USD200 credit to spend for the first 30 days, free access to some of our most popular services for 12 months, plus access t...

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    • How do I know how much of the USD200 I’ve used and how much I have left?

      Your remaining credit is shown at the top of the management portal, so you always know where you're at.

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    • What are some industries the Virtual Assistant is for?

      Any industry, business, or organization can benefit from the enhanced customer experience of a branded virtual assistant. Demand is notably large in the automotive, enterprise, and hospitality sectors.

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    • Can I try Azure in a sandbox?

      There are several different sandbox experiences that you can try:App ServiceCognitive ServicesAzure Cosmos DBTo access more than 25 always-free services, plus 12 months of popular services for free and a USD200 credit, create an Azure fr...

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    • What are subscriptions and how do they relate to the Azure free account?

      Subscriptions are the entity that provide access to the Azure products as part of the Azure free account. The Azure free account starts with the free trial subscription which includes USD200 credit to spend for the first 30 days, free ac...

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    • What is Azure for Students?

      Azure for Students gets you started with USD100 in Azure credits to be used within the first 12 months plus select free services (subject to change) without requiring a credit card at sign-up.

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    • When can I use my free credits?

      Use your USD200 credit on any Azure products during the first 30 days after signing up for your free account. At the end of 30 days, or after you've used your USD200 credit, continue using more than 25 services that are always free after...

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    • Will I get charged when I sign up for a free account?

      No. Starting is free. When you sign up, your free account starts with a free trial subscription, which includes a USD200 credit to explore Azure services for 30 days, plus 12 months of free popular services and more than 25 services that...

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