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VMob is a personalization platform that gives marketers at major brands such as McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, IKEA, Anheuser Busch, and Compass Group the data and tools to personalize customer experience and grow their customers’ lifetime value. Using opt-in data from a brand’s own mobile app (such as location and in-app usage data), coupled with external data sources such as local weather, POS systems, event databases and CRM, our solution gives a detailed single customer view. Using sophisticated Microsoft Azure services in our technology platform such as mobile, data lake storage, and analytics and machine learning, we are able not only to collect this data, but also to interpret, learn, and personalize the customer’s in-store experience across mobile and other connected devices (such as in-store displays), and provide our retail and hospitality customers with a unique set of services:

• Personalization of marketing content on mobile and across digital channels
• Contextual analytics of the customer journey from first engagement to point of sale
• Connected, contextual customer data collection via CRM, POS, ERP, and marketing automation
• Single customer view across multiple IoT and digital data sources

The VMob platform offers closed-loop tracking and analytics that map behavior, social profiling, geo-location, and transactional history so that retail brands can deliver more practical and personal content, engaging their customers at just the right time based on location, traffic, weather, and multiple variables to help deliver revenue and loyalty.

Imagine if you could really understand your customers, learn their preferences, and then deliver perfectly timed promotions, rewards, and geo-based information to make their lives easier. At VMob, that is what we are delivering for traditional store-based retailers. We provide this out of the box in a single platform that is proven to work at scale for tens of millions of concurrent users and backed by the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure server technology and Microsoft’s enterprise grade support.

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