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Softcat are a leading IT solutions provider and Microsoft Azure partner thanks to our focus on helping our customers at all stages of their cloud journey. Taking time to understand the desired business outcomes and the appropriate technical cloud strategy – through assessment, design, migration, and into operational management – that will support realising those outcomes. Whatever your organisation’s cloud requirement, Softcat is on hand to make it a reality. Some of our common services include.

- Cloud Architecture
Azure is an excellent platform to base your business, however much like your traditional, on-premise systems, careful design and architecture are required to ensure your environments are secure and have the best balance of performance and cost. Softcat has a number of packaged architectures that can help assist with this ensuring that, whatever your requirement, we are able to assist.

- Cloud Migration
Once the architecture design is set we look to simplify the migration of your workloads, which vary from a simple ‘lift and shift’ approach to IaaS migration, to comprehensively re-architecting your applications to take advantage of advanced Azure PaaS services, such as Azure SQL Database, and the global locations of Azure to ensure optimum availability and performance, whilst keeping a tight control on the costs through effective project management. This can work hand-in-hand with a migration of on premise Exchange, SharePoint and Lync to Office 365.

- Hybrid cloud
Not every workload can or should be moved to the cloud, and almost all organisations keep some workloads on premise. Softcat can help you build a hybrid solution using Azure for backup and disaster recovery, or even data tiering using StorSimple; the StorSimple solution gives you high-speed access to hot data on premise, with cold data automatically moved to cost-optimised Azure blob storage. Connectivity to Azure can be built using VPN and ExpressRoute solutions, as well as third party VPN and security solutions from Check Point, Palo Alto, Barracuda and Fortinet.

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