Resin, Inc.

Resin, Inc.

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Vue d’ensemble makes it simple to deploy, update, and maintain code running on remote devices. We are bringing the web development and deployment workflow to hardware. Using tools like git and docker to allow you to seamlessly update all your embedded linux devices in the wild. We handle cross-compilation, device monitoring, VPNs, and log collection, so you can focus on your product and not the infrastructure.

With you will be able to...
...deploy code without a sweat:
- git push to deploy
- Compilation in the cloud
- Build caching
- Deploy behind NATs and most firewalls

...control your on-device environment:
- Use the language of your choice
- Use the libraries and packages you need
- Choose your base distribution
- Take control of networking

...provision your devices easily:
- Assign a unique ID for each device, accessible from your code
- Self-configuring devices: simply write the image and power up
- Support for preconfigured wifi credentials

...manage your fleet at scale:
- Reach your devices anywhere
- Set environment variables for your devices
- See the logs & IP of each device
- Give your devices unique URLs so they are web-accessible
- Name and keep notes for each device

...automate your device fleet from your own cloud:
- All of resin from the command line
- Javascript SDK for managing fleets
- OData compatible JSON API out of the box:
- Encrypted communication between and devices
- Future proof your product with continous updates
- Two-factor authentication for dashboard access

Resin can be used in several fields, such as the Connected Home, Manufacturing & Logistics, Marketing & Retail, Anything else you can think of...

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