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iqDynamics provides a full Azure Cloud service that empowers our customers.

There are huge benefits to be gained from operating in the Microsoft Azure cloud from optimized storage, scalability, ease of provisioning and management, and the speed of delivery of Web application development. At iqDynamics we enable our customers to take advantage of these benefits. We are a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, and our range of cloud services provide strategy, readiness, scoping, provisioning, and the management of the cloud migration and optimization.

We look to extend the IT solution set from legacy systems to a new cloud environment and manage all processes on that journey through a range of enabling services:

• Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Our professional services support customers through the complex process of moving to a cloud environment.
• Software migration – It is essential for the smooth running of any business to have a continuity strategy, especially when moving mission-critical applications to the cloud or a hosted environment. We take pride in smoothing that transition.
• Fully managed IT – W cover all aspects of management and monitoring of your whole IT to support your business, including security, networking, and support.

At iqDynamics our team of specialists are responsive to customer needs, and our comprehensive range of services are designed to meet all your IT needs. We have a suite of professional services so that we can be your strategic IT partner.

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