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For business critical BizTalk users who look to gain insight and control, free up resources and deliver business value through integration, AIMS delivers an Insight & Software Performance Analytics platform that uses Machine Learning to Automate Insight & Analytics. Unlike other tools or manual processes, AIMS delivers immediate ROI from a 5 minute out-of-the-box install. AIMS for BizTalk can be delivered in the following editions:
• Client on premise - complete install on premise, AIMS server hosted by client. Estimated install time is 2 hours plus 5 minutes per agent deployed
• Client Azure - AIMS server hosted in Azure by AIMS Innovation, client only needs to install the agents(s) on their BizTalk Servers. Estimated install time per server is 5 minutes.
• Service Provider - scalable solution hosted by AIMS Innovation in Azure, provides a hosting / service-provider with the ability to monitor multiple remote/on premise BizTalk environments using the same interface.
AIMS Innovation is an Insight & Software Performance Analytics company with head office in Oslo. The AIMS technology originates from the internationally recognized research environment at the University of Oslo. AIMS has quickly established a position as a leader in Insight & Analytics for connected IT systems and is recognized as a global leader in Application Performance Monitoring by Frost & Sullivan. The company is on a mission to simplify and automate Software Performance Insight across complex and connected enterprise software.

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