G-Series Cloud

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Mobilize any application on any device starting at less than 50 cents/hour [less than a penny per user/hour/application]!>

G-Series Cloud on Microsoft Azure:

· Containerizes 64-, 32-, or 16-bit Windows applications from Windows 3.1 onwards; applications built on other operating systems may be containerized through a Sphere 3D Professional Services engagement

· Highly scalable – Glassware 2.0’s light-weight container-based architecture offers significantly better application session density – up to 10x - compared to hypervisor-based traditional solutions

· Reduces TCO by 75% through significantly reduced infrastructure investment and traditional application virtualization support overhead.

· Extends the useful life of Windows applications by untying them from underlying operating system dependencies for easy deployment to any device.

· Fast and efficient to implement without requiring specialized virtualization skills or added virtualization infrastructure investment.

· Improves security through reduction of potential malware attack surface.

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