VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall (Bundle 1 PAYG)

par Palo Alto Networks, Inc.
VM-Series for Azure complements native security features by uniquely classifying and controlling Azure traffic based on application identity, not the port, then applying Threat Prevention policies to prevent cyberattacks. Native management features including an API and Bootstrapping, can automate deployments and policies while Panorama (purchased separately) delivers centralized management of both virtual and hardware firewalls for policy consistency.

The VM-Series can be deployed to support the following use cases:

  • Hybrid cloud to securely extend your existing data center into Azure
  • Segmentation of applications and data – both inter-subnet and VNET-to-VNET
  • Gateway perimeter protection for Internet facing applications
  • GlobalProtect to extend security policies to remote users and devices

    When deployed from Azure Marketplace, a VM-Series virtual machine is created with multiple network interfaces, you can select new or existing resource group, storage account, VNET with three subnets (MGMT, Untrust and Trust). Then configure VM-Series and create Azure user-defined rules (UDR) to force all packets from the Trust and Untrust subnets through firewall. For documentation and ARM templates please see http://azure.paloaltonetworks.com

    VM-Series Bundle 1 is an hourly (USD $0.86/hr) pay-as-you-go (PAYG) next generation firewall that includes: a VM-300 next-generation firewall license, a Threat Prevention (includes IPS, AV, malware prevention) subscription and Premium Support (verbal and written English only). Premium Support provides rapid and direct access to support engineer availability for the most critical issues. It also includes regular software, content and feature updates as well as access to a wealth of community resources, case management, and technical documentation.

    NOTE: If you need Support assistance, you must register the VM-Series for Azure on the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal to ensure your assistance needs are met in a timely manner. New Palo Alto Networks customers can register the VM-Series for Azure here: https://support.paloaltonetworks.com/useraccount/PreRegister. Existing Palo Alto Networks customers can add the VM-Series for Azure to their current support account.

  • VERSION : 1.0.13