Neusoft NISG-VA

par Neusoft

Neusoft Integrated Security Gateway Virtual Appliance (NISG-VA) is a next generation firewall for cloud security. NISG-VA makes it possible to deploy security in the cloud and delivers comprehensive security protections for your enterprise assets.

Functions of NISG-VA include firewall, VPN, attack defense, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), anti-virus, anti-spam, URL filtering, application protocol identification and control and so on. Microsoft Azure provides basic defense against network attacks and NISG-VA allows you to further customize policies to defend your network against a wide range of attacks.


  • The Neusoft proprietary IPS engine is based on NEL (Neusoft Event Language). NEL provides strong attack description ability, better scalability, and efficient code execution ability for IPS development.
  • NISG-VA integrates such advanced threat protection functions as anti-virus, anti-spam, and URL filtering and can guarantee real-time, accurate, and highly-efficient detection services for customers with least complexity and cost.
  • NISG-VA can analyze characteristics of each application exiting the outgoing zone and determine the exact identity of applications, thus providing protection and control of network activities.

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