HPE Vertica Analytics Platform

par Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Bring Your Own License enabled.

Enterprise-Class Analytics that fits your budget

Until now, enterprise-class Big Data analytics in the cloud was just not available. Current cloud analytics offerings lack critical enterprise features -- fine-tuning capabilities, integrated BI/reporting, data ingestion and more. With HPE Vertica Analytics Platform for Azure, you can tap into all of the core enterprise capabilities and more. HPE Vertica Analytics Platform for Azure offers you the flexibility to start small and grow as your business grows, and you get analytics functionality that no other cloud analytics provider can offer. The HPE Vertica Analytics Platform also runs on-premise, on industry-standard hardware and in the cloud. Get started immediately with your analytics initiative via the cloud or the deployment model that makes sense for your business without any compromises or limits.

Note: Microsoft Azure Free Trial subscriptions have a limited quota of only 4 cores, while the minimum quota for Vertica is 8 cores. Customers wishing to deploy this solution will need to upgrade to Microsoft Azure’s Pay-As-You-Go subscription for a successful deployment. Please check with Microsoft on any benefits and credits that can be carried over from the free trial to the Pay-As-You-Go subscription.

Information on upgrading a free Microsoft Azure trial account to Pay-As-You-Go can be found here.

This solution will automatically deploy an HPE Vertica cluster, allowing you to login and start using it.

Once the deployment is completed:

  1. Connect to the Public IP address to one of the Vertica cluster nodes via SSH using the DBAdmin account.
  2. Type the command admintools to launch the Vertica administration tools.
  3. You will be prompted to either enter your license key, or select the Community Edition license.
  4. Finally, you must accept the End User License Agreement.

Once these four steps are completed, your Vertica cluster now is ready to use.

VERSION : 1.1.1