SafeNet ProtectV

par Gemalto

SafeNet ProtectV for Microsoft Azure secures sensitive and highly-regulated data by encrypting data within entire virtual machines and attached storage volumes. SafeNet ProtectV ensures that all virtual machine archives, snapshots and backups are secure – regardless of where they reside. With SafeNet ProtectV for Microsoft Azure, data is safeguarded and completely isolated from Microsoft Azure, other tenants, and any other unauthorized parties.

  • Stay compliant while benefiting from the cloud
  • Run workloads securely in Microsoft Azure
  • Separate security administration duties
  • Enforce granular controls
  • Establish clear accountability
  • Flexible key management options
  • Simple to deploy and use
  • Please refer to the SafeNet ProtectV for Microsoft Azure Technical Documentation for step-by-step instructions on how to deploy and use SafeNet ProtectV for Microsoft Azure.

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