Egnyte Connect for Azure

par Egnyte, Inc.

Egnyte Connect for Microsoft Azure

Combine the enterprise-grade usability, flexibility, and security of Egnyte file sync and share services with industry-leading Azure and Office 365 solutions.

Additionally, Egnyte's hybrid architecture lets you choose the right mix of content that resides in the Azure cloud, on premises, or synchronized between both.

Why Azure Cloud storage?

Egnyte provides you with the security and reliability of traditional file servers, without the complexity of managing the infrastructure while you convert CAPEX into OPEX cost.

Why on-premises storage?

There are times when it isn’t possible or practical to move content from your NAS devices or Windows file servers to the cloud. With Egnyte, you can keep them in place and still provide secure remote access.

Why hybrid storage?

Egnyte can keep a copy of the same file in the cloud and on on-premises, offering fast access anywhere you are, even when dealing with large files or limited bandwidth remote offices.

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