Rapid Recovery Replication Target VM for Azure

par Quest

Powered by Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery advanced data protection unifies backup, replication and recovery in one easy-to-use software solution. The Rapid Recovery Replication Target VM for Azure leverages the Microsoft Cloud for extended retention of snapshot backups and Cloud archiving.

Efficient, Customizable Retention

Replication is WAN optimized and built on incremental block-based forever architecture, delivering efficient utilization of bandwidth. The VM can be configured to retain replicated backups for customizable intervals independent of the source. Replicated backups are immediately accessible.

Reliable Archive Creation

The Rapid Recovery Replication Target VM for Azure supports Cloud archiving for long-term retention. The Cloud Connector integrates cloud storage into your retention process. Backups on the Replication Target VM can be automatically archived in Azure.

Flexible Recovery

You can use a variety of convenient recovery methods and tools, ranging from bare-metal and object-level restore directly from Cloud, to the Microsoft Azure Import/Export service.

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