par Certivox
30 Day Free Trial Available - M-Pin SSO Server, built on M-Pin Core, delivers federated two-factor authentication to SAML 2.0 and RADIUS enabled applications at telco scale. CertiVox M-Pin, the world's first and only Zero Password™ Strong Authentication Platform, enables cost effective and agile strong authentication at mobile Internet scale; eliminates passwords and password database breaches altogether; dramatically increases user safety, convenience and satisfaction; and lowers administrative costs and complexity. NTT, South Korea Telecom, Parallels, Experian and more trust M-Pin to deliver zero password strong authentication for mission-critical applications. This VM comes with dedicated D-TA protected with KMS, 100% uptime SLA, 2 hours configuration support, and ongoing email and community support. M-Pin SSO should run on a machine with 2 cores and at least 1GB of free RAM, but can work on lower specs for test and evaluation purposes

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