Caringo Swarm on Microsoft Azure

par Caringo, Inc.
Bring Your Own License enabled.

Caringo Swarm is software-defined object storage that transforms physical or virtual servers into a simple, bulletproof, limitless pool of storage that can be accessed from any application or device and serves as a foundation for new data services.

Swarm adds significant capabilities to the base layer of Azure storage, including compliance (WORM, integrity seals, legal hold), comprehensive metadata searching, and S3 compatibility. In addition, Swarm can seamlessly integrate with your Windows (or NetApp) file servers either on premise or in the cloud to provide automated tiering to Caringo Swarm Azure storage.

With our RESTful interface and S3 API, Amazon S3-based applications can migrate seamlessly to Azure providing an instant global infrastructure for your enterprise.

Business Benefits

For Enterprises

  • Limitless tier of object storage for consolidation of files from all file servers.
  • Transfer data from Amazon S3 to Azure while maintaining application interoperability.
  • Web-based portal for search and administration.

For Developers

  • Instant interoperability for S3 integrated applications.
  • Complete RESTful API for storage and management.

This template deploys a 16TB, 32TB, or 64TB Swarm cluster with an SSL Amazon S3 interface. View the "Getting Started Guide" for more details.

Note: Swarm deployment will require 18, 26 and 42 available processor cores for 16TB, 32TB and 64TB sizes, respectively. For each size, selecting the option to include a Jump-Box VM will increase the requirement for each size by one additional processor core.

To request an increased number of processor cores for your Azure subscription, create an Azure Support Request. To do that, click on the circled question mark in the top right corner of the Azure Portal and select “New support request”. Select “Quota” for the issue type and “Cores per subscription” for “Quota type”. On the next tab, select “Resource Manager” for Deployment model and select the Azure Location in which you with to provision Swarm. The screen will display your current processor quota for that Location and allow you to select the desired quota limit. Complete the Contact information and submit the request.

VERSION : 1.2.12