Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF)

par Barracuda Networks, Inc.

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall inspects inbound web traffic and blocks SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting, malware uploads & application DDoS and other attacks targeted at your web applications. It also inspects the responses from the back-end web servers for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The integrated access control engine enables administrators to create granular access control policies for Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA), which gives organizations strong authentication and user control. The onboard L4/L7 Load Balancing capabilities enable organizations to quickly add back-end servers to scale deployments. Application acceleration capabilities including SSL Offloading, caching, compression, and connection pooling, ensure faster application delivery of web application content.

  • Detects and blocks SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting, malware uploads, application DDoS, or any other attacks against your application.
  • Authentication and access control.
  • Scans outbound traffic to detect sensitive data and can mask or block the information from being leaked out.
  • Accelerates the delivery of web application contents, using capabilities such as caching, compression, and other traffic optimizations.

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