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If you’re still putting the final touches on your schedule for WPC11 next week in Los Angeles, here are four sessions you won’t want to miss.   Each of these sessions will focus on the latest Windows Azure news and opportunities for partners.  All times PDT.  Note: session locations are subject to change; please check onsite for any room changes. 

What’s New on Windows Azure (SC06)
Tuesday, July 12 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Room 502A, Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC)
Speakers: Devesh Satyavolu, Doug Hauger, Prashant Ketkar
Find out the latest news about cloud computing and Windows Azure.  Learn about our profitability models, hear from partners who have grown their business in the cloud and get the latest information on new offers, product roadmap, partner programs and incentives to begin utilizing the cloud to your benefit.

Cloud Ascent: Learn How to Evolve Your SI Business with Windows Azure (CLD07)
Tuesday, July 12 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Room 502B, LACC
Speakers: Amanda Mesler, Bertrand Masson, Carolina Uzcategui, Niraj Nagrani, Tilak Yalamanchili
Learn how you can make your cloud based practice more profitable while enhancing your value and offerings to your customers.  During this session several systems integrator partners will share their first hand experiences with Windows Azure and how their customers have benefited from getting on the cloud. 

Grow Your Business with Windows Azure Marketplace (AP13)
Tuesday, July 12 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Room 153AB, LACC
Speaker(s): Niraj Nagrani, Sudhir Hasbe
This session will describe how ISVs and Data Providers can leverage Windows Azure Marketplace to grow their business and how other ISVS are participating in Windows Azure Marketplace to drive new business.

Websites and Profitability in the Cloud with Windows Azure (CLD10)
Tuesday, July 12 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Room 502B, LACC Speaker(s): Devesh Satyavolu, Mark Stephens, Shaun Walker, Vince Mayfield
In this session, the Windows Azure team will talk about how to build a profitable cloud based business that provides highly scalable, fast, rich web experiences.  Hear directly from our partners who have launched sites on Windows Azure and how they’ve used the cloud to transform their business and pass on the benefits to their customers.

Click here to learn more about WPC11.  Can’t make it to the conference?  Then be sure to check out “MPN Live from WPC11” – a Roundtable Live Stream Talk Show Web Series, on Location from the MPN Booth in the Solution Innovation Center. 


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