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Welcome to the newest edition of our weekly roundup of the latest community-driven news, content and conversations about cloud computing and Windows Azure. Here are the highlights for this week.

Articles, Videos and Blog Posts

Upcoming Events and User Group Meetings

 North America

January 18, 2014: Samedi Architecture & Azure  – Montreal, Canada


December 5th – 6th: IG2013 Conference  – Crewe Hall, UK

November 12th – 13th: SharePoint Days 2013 – Slovenia

December 4th: Architecture Forum in the North – Tong, UK

  • December 5-6 – Crewe Hallin, England

December 7th: CloudBrew – A Full-Day of Windows Azure  – Mechelen, Belgium

December 10th: Azug – A Lap Around Windows Azure BizTalk Services  – Ghent, Belgium

Rest of World/Virtual

Ongoing:  Windows Azure Virtual Labs – On-demand


Azure Management Script Pack 

Recent Windows Azure Discussions on Stack Overflow


How does Azure Service Bus identify a duplicate message? – 1 answer, 4 votes

Best practices for cron job style tasks on the ASP.NET MVC / Azure platform? – 4 answers, 4 votes

Upload Largefile to Azure Blob using Javascript? – 1 answer, 2 votes

Need to use appsettings in azure service? – 1 answer, 2 votes

Transfer files from Azure PaaS VM to IaaS VM? – 1 answer, 2 votes

Windows Azure Application high volume of records insertions? -1 answer, 0 votes

Upload a page blob to azure using REST API python?– 2 answers, 0 votes

Send us articles that you’d like us to highlight, or content of your own that you’d like to share. Also, let us know about any local events, groups or activities that you think we should tell the rest of the Windows Azure community about. You can use the comments section below, or talk to us on Twitter @WindowsAzure.

Have a great weekend!

Mark Brown

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