Continuous Deployment support for repositories hosted on GitHub has been a requested feature on our User Voice site. I’m excited to say we’ve recently enabled this functionality in the Azure Preview Portal.

To highlight how this works, check out the example below.

Create a new organization in GitHub and make sure you can deploy some of the repositories hosted to Web Apps using Continuous Deployment.

GitHub - Organization Access GitHub – Organization Access

Start with the Azure Preview Portal by authenticating your GitHub account to ensure access to the organizations you want to use.

To do this, navigate to the site where you want to setup CI then:

  1. Click on Continuous Deployment.
  2. Select the CI Provider (in this case GitHub) and go through the authorization flow.
  3. Click Authorize and log in with your GitHub credentials.


GitHub - Organization Access - 02


From GitHub go to your user Settings (1).


GitHub - Organization Access - 03

Select Applications (1) from the Personal Settings section and click on the Azure Management Portal (2) from the Authorized Applications list.


GitHub - Organization Access - 04

This will bring up the authorized application permissions and will include a list of Organization access for the organization you belong to.

If you are an Owner for the organization you will be able to Grant access (1) directly from here. However if you are not an owner you will need to Request Access and an Owner will need to approve it.


GitHub - Organization Access GitHub – Organization Access


Once access has been granted for the organization you can select it when configuring Continuous Deployment.

If you want to see a demo of this in action you can check out the Channel 9 video: GitHub continuous delivery in the Azure Preview Portal

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