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Updates to Windows Azure Marketplace Offer More Flexibility and Opportunity

Publié le 4 mai, 2012

Senior Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

Recent updates to the Windows Azure Marketplace promise to make things a little bit easier for publishers, developers and their customers.

First, we’ve introduced promotion codes! Publishers can now create special discounted offers for their customers with promotion codes. These custom codes can be included in targeted campaigns or on flyers or giveaways for special events. Customers simply type the code into the publisher portal to take advantage of their special offers.

Publishers should contact Microsoft at to set up promotion code self-service on their offers.

Next, the Windows Azure Marketplace now offers Data Cleansing APIs for developers: 12 offers from 6 providers. For more details, explore our Data Quality Services category here.

Finally, we’re excited to announce that the Marketplace now also supports the Dutch language.

Today’s announcements are part of our ongoing commitment to provide a trusted, easy to use Marketplace for publishers, developers and data consumers worldwide.

For more information on these and other benefits, visit the Windows Azure Marketplace today.