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Modern businesses increasingly rely on technology to drive growth and deliver innovative experiences to their customers. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the building blocks that power these connected digital experiences. And more than ever, effective API management has become critical to accelerate time-to-market and deliver compelling customer and partner interactions.

We are excited to announce, “Unleash the Power of APIs: Strategies for Innovation“, the latest in the Microsoft Azure webinar series on April 26, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM PT. In this 90-minute interactive virtual session, you will hear from analysts, product leaders, and Microsoft Azure API Management customers on how API management can maximize your investments and accelerate your API programs.

From security to development, first-hand customer accounts to analyst insights, this event will cover why APIs are so important today and in the future. Here’s a preview of what we’ll have featured at the webinar:

API-first businesses transformation

Amanda Silver, Corporate Vice President and Head of the Product Developer Division at Microsoft

We’re all hearing a lot about API-first development these days, and for good reason. The impact of API-first development is huge—An API-first approach promotes faster development, better collaboration, scalability, reusability, and enhanced security for developers. But what does API-first mean for businesses? And how do you implement this strategy?

The event will kick off with Amanda sharing insights on what API-first means and how it’s a game changer for businesses to achieve faster time-to-market, better integration, and accelerated innovation. She will also discuss the role of the Azure API Management platform in supporting an API-first strategy.

Market trends and API-driven innovation

Shari Lava, IDC Research Director Automation, and Ashmi Chokshi, General Manager Azure Digital and Application Innovation, Microsoft

Businesses are increasingly adopting digital-first strategies to stay competitive in today’s fast-moving market and economy, and as a result, interest in APIs is surging as they become critical to these strategies.

Join Shari and Ashmi in a conversation about what’s driving the adoption of APIs now and why APIs are critical to driving competitive innovation and business differentiation. Shari will also discuss why it is crucial to invest in an API management solution, the market trends in the adoption of API management tools, and the factors to consider when choosing one based on your business needs.

Enterprise scale API management with Azure

Balan Subramanian, Partner Director of Product Management Azure App Platform, Microsoft

If you’ve been curious about how Azure API Management is empowering our customers to drive superior business outcomes, don’t miss this overview on Azure API Management from Balan.

With Azure API Management, organizations can manage every aspect of an API’s lifecycle, from its inception to productization, across their API footprint, whether it’s on-premises, on Azure, or on other clouds. Additionally, the developer portal and customizations allow platform engineering teams to create their API platforms on top of Azure API Management, tailoring it to their unique business requirements. Azure API Management is also fully integrated into Azure, making it an ideal solution for organizations migrating application workloads to the cloud without any overhead of using disparate solutions for building and managing their APIs.

API-first approach in the mortgage industry

Matt Cesarz, Chief Technology Officer, Optimal Blue, and Ali Powell, Vice President, Customer Success Digital and Application Innovation, Microsoft

In this customer session, Optimal Blue, a leading mortgage provider in the United States, talks about their successful partnership and journey with Azure API Management. Matt explains how adopting an API-first mindset enabled them to create frictionless customer experiences, deliver innovations faster, and drive growth.

Comprehensive defense-in-depth security with Azure API Management

APIs have become a popular attack vector, making defense-in-depth a crucial strategy for protecting enterprise data vaults against security threats. Without that level of protection, organizations are leaving themselves vulnerable to a range of security threats, including malicious attacks and data exfiltration.

Attend this session and learn how Azure API Management enables a defense-in-depth strategy through multiple layers of protection to prevent, detect, and respond to API threats. Balan will also cover the latest innovations that can further strengthen the security posture of your APIs.

Customer-centric healthcare with APIs

Blake Wilson, Integration and Site Reliability Engineering Manager, Technology, Bupa, and Ali Powell, Vice President, Customer Success Digital and Application Innovation, Microsoft

In this customer session, Bupa, one of the largest global medical insurance providers—with a large presence in Australia—talks about their successful innovations built with Azure API Management. Blake explains how leading with APIs has enabled them to enhance partner collaboration, improve security posture, and increase developer productivity.

Line of business innovation with Azure API Management

For businesses, low-code development and enterprise integration are two key strategic areas of investment that can drive innovation. By enabling seamless collaboration among application, integration, and low-code developers, these integrations can help accelerate innovation across all areas of your organization.

Hear from Balan about the Azure API Management integrations with Microsoft Power Platform to facilitate low-code development. You will also learn that Azure API Management is a core component of Azure Integration Services and is tightly integrated with other services such as Azure Logic AppsAzure FunctionsAzure Service Bus, and managed connectors enabling API-centered integration.

Join the live event to connect with experts

Join the live event to participate in a live question and answer chat and have your most pressing API questions answered by Microsoft experts. Connect with business leaders and peers who are also making the journey to app modernization.

Register now for the “Unleash the Power of APIs: Strategies for Innovation” event to learn how we can deliver innovation faster together.

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