Numérisation de la confiance : Le service Azure Blockchain simplifie le développement de la blockchain

jeudi 2 mai 2019

Dans un monde numérique qui se globalise rapidement, les processus opérationnels touchent de nombreuses organisations, et des sommes considérables sont consacrées à la gestion de workflows qui dépassent les limites de la confiance. À l’heure où la transition numérique s’étend au-delà des murs des entreprises et s’engage dans des processus partagés avec des fournisseurs, des partenaires et des clients, l’importance de la confiance croît dans la même proportion.

Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Azure

Microsoft driving standards for the token economy with the Token Taxonomy Framework

mercredi 17 avril 2019

Today’s announcement of the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI) is a milestone in the maturity of the blockchain industry. The initiative brings together some of the most important blockchain platforms from the Ethereum ecosystem, Hyperledger and IBM, Intel, R3, and Digital Asset in a joint effort to establish a common taxonomy for tokens.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering

Hyperledger Fabric updates now available

jeudi 24 janvier 2019

In late 2017, a growing number of customers were interested in using Hyperledger Fabric to build their applications on Azure. At this time, we announced support for this popular offering through the Azure Marketplace.

Senior Software Engineer, Blockchain Engineering

Microsoft @ DevCon4

mardi 30 octobre 2018

At DevCon in 2015, I announced support for Ethereum on Microsoft Azure. It was a humble beginning consisting of a private Ethereum network and a corresponding “Hello World” smart contract.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering

Bringing digital ledger interoperability to Nasdaq Financial Framework through Microsoft Azure Blockchain

mardi 30 octobre 2018

Nasdaq revolutionized financial markets in 1971 by opening them up to millions of individual investors with the world’s first-ever electronic stock exchange. Since then, the company’s innovative spirit has kept them on the leading edge of technology evolution in capital markets, while transforming the brand into a powerhouse technology provider.

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

Accessibility and array support with Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.4.0

mardi 16 octobre 2018

We’ve been very grateful for the feedback you’ve given us since we first introduced Azure Blockchain Workbench in public preview a few months ago. Your feedback continues to be an essential and impactful part of our work. For this release, we focused on making Workbench more accessible for everyone.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain Engineering