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Three new reasons to love the TSI explorer

Today we’re pleased to announce three new Time Series Insights (TSI) explorer capabilities that we think our users are going to love.

Today we’re pleased to announce three new Time Series Insights (TSI) explorer capabilities that we think our users are going to love. 

  1. First, we are delighted to share that the TSI explorer, the visualization service of TSI, is now generally available and backed by our SLA. 
  2. Second, we’ve made the TSI explorer more accessible and easier to use for those with visual and fine-motor disabilities.
  3. And finally, we’ve made it easy to export aggregate event data to other analytics tools like Microsoft Excel. 

Now that the TSI explorer is generally available, users will notice that the explorer is backed by TSI’s service level agreement (SLA), and we’ve removed the preview moniker from the backsplash when the explorer is loading. We have many customers using TSI in production environments and we’re thrilled to offer them the same SLA that backs the rest of the product. The ActionPoint IoT-PREDICT solution is a great example of one of those customers using the TSI explorer to enable their customers to explore and analyze time series data quickly. Check out their solution below.

There are no limits to what people can achieve when technology reflects the diversity of everyone who uses it. Transparency, accountability, and inclusion aren’t just built into our culture. They’re reflected in products and services designed for people of all abilities. With this in mind, it’s critical to our team that everyone can easily glean insights from their data using TSI, and these new capabilities significantly improve TSI’s usability for those with visual and fine-motor skill disabilities. The most obvious example of this work is the new table control that allows users to view aggregated data in a tabular format. While we made many less obvious improvements that make TSI more inclusive, two that I’m especially excited to share is TSI’s improved keyboard navigation and the addition of full narrator support. While we’re proud of the new functionality we delivered today, we think of accessibility and inclusion as core design principles and will continue to invest in feature work that takes advantage of them. 

Finally, we are excited to deliver a feature that many of our customers have been asking for – aggregate event data integration with Microsoft Excel. With the addition of the table, users can now simply export aggregate data as a CSV for integration with other analytics apps, like Microsoft Excel. This new capability enables users to take advantage of familiar tools that are already a part of their workflow for analyzing and processing data. Users will be able to take aggregate data from TSI and export it to any tool that can read CSV files. Users will still be able to export raw data as a CSV or JSON, but aggregate data export fulfills a common ask from our community. 

Here’s a screenshot of the new table and the CSV export:

We are excited about these new updates, but we are even more excited about what’s to come, so stay up to date on all things Time Series Insights by following us on Twitter. Don’t forget to check out the Microsoft Internet of Things blog for news from our peers in the Azure IoT engineering group.