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Hot off the press! Last month, we invited you to participate in the 2013 North Bridge and GigaOM Research Future of Cloud Computing Survey. Thanks to those who took the time to share your opinion; the results of the survey are now in!

This year’s highlights show that cloud adoption is taking off because businesses are seeing the full power of what the cloud can do – from achieving superior TCO to enabling agility, scaling the business quickly, and driving innovation. A few interesting points to note:

  • Cloud computing adoption continued to rise in 2013, with nearly 75% of businesses using some sort of cloud platform (up from 67% last year).
  • While SaaS is most popular and used by 63% of organizations (compared to 55% last year), the real growth is with IaaS (up 29% in usage from last year).   
  • Businesses are less worried about security in the cloud, and now focused on looking at how the cloud will change their infrastructure, considering areas like complexity.

This is just a sampling of the findings; we encourage you to read the full survey report here.

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