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In July, we released the Azure Analysis Services web designer. This new browser-based experience allows developers to start creating and managing Azure Analysis Services (AAS) semantic models quickly and easily. While SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) are still the primary tools for development, this new experience is intended to make modeling fast and easy. It is great for getting started on a new model or to do things such as adding a new measure to an existing model.

Today we are announcing the release of the September update which brings along with it some new features as well as several bug fixes. New features include:

Improved measure editing

We have redesigned the measure editor to allow you make changes to multiple measures and then save them all in one transaction instead of saving them one at a time.


Bulk renaming

Often when when you start creating a model, your table and column names match what the underlying database has and are not always user friendly. Now, you can select all the column and tables that you wish to rename and then select “edit multiple selection” in properties under name.


This will bring up the bulk rename dialog. Here you can rename all the columns and save in one transaction.


Auto arrange tables

Clicking “Arrange All” at the bottom of the table list will arrange all the tables in the diagram rather then adding them one at a time. The layout can then be saved for future use.


You can try the Azure Analysis web designer today by linking to it from a server in the Azure portal.

Submit your own ideas for features on our feedback forum. Learn more about Azure Analysis Services and the Azure Analysis Services web designer.

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