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This blog post is a bit overdue, but we are making up with shipped features and improvements.

Support for .net framework 4.6

You can now configure your apps to use .Net framework 4.6


Process Explorer

Process explorer got some reliability fixes as well as a facelift to also include icons for the processes. This makes it easier to differentiate between the website process, site extensions, webjobs and kudu processes.



We did some improvements to better handle large directories this will make the UI a lot more responsive in this scenarios.


New CI Provider: OneDrive

You can now setup a OneDrive folder for continuous deployments.


App Service Plan Essentials

App Service plan essentials now provides app counts across Web/Mobile and slots.  Browse also includes all this types in a unified list.


Tools Menu

We have included Events and Alerts in the tools menu


App Service Environments Updates

New ASE Create experience

We have taken all the learning's form the re-vamp of the WebApp create experience and applied them to App Service Environment creates. The result is a much streamlined experience, eliminating all “locking” and requiring minimal inputs.


ASE Autoscale Support

You can now do metrics and scheduled based auto-scale on App Service Environment worker pools and front ends.


Full Resource blades for Worker Pools, and Front ends

Front ends, and Worker Pools can now be managed as individual resources.



IP Addresses Management Experience

New App Service Environment IP management experience to scale IP addresses and consume them in apps hosted in an App Service Environment


Alert support for all App Service Environment Resource Types

You can now setup metrics based alerts on App Service environments, worker pools and front ends, to get email notifications or trigger the new web hooks functionality.



Clear DB Cluster Support

We also delivered the new Hi-Performance MySQL SKU for ClearDB. This includes support for mission critical databases as well as a new refined create experience based on our learning's form the WebApp create experience re-vamp.

Blog post for announcement is here:




Please let us know what your thoughts, questions and ideas in the comment section below or through our User Voice site.

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