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Open Sourcing App Service Mobile .NET Server SDK

The App Service Mobile .NET Server SDK is now open source on GitHub! We develop all Azure Mobile SDKs in the open, and welcome community contributions.

I'm excited to announce the .NET Server SDK for App Service Mobile is now open source on GitHub! This follows the open-sourcing of the Node.js Server SDK last month. The client libraries for iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Windows have been open source for quite some time, so with this release, all Azure Mobile SDKs are open source!

To help you easily find all of the Azure Mobile repos, we've created an uber repo, azure-mobile-apps, with links to other repos and helpful resources.


We develop all Azure Mobile SDKs in the open, and welcome community contributions. In fact, you'll see some commits in the .NET Server SDK repo that haven't yet been released on NuGet. We are also tracking our active work in GitHub issues.

You can contribute to documentation too, either xml documents in the source or Azure tutorials. The azure.microsoft.com documentation is also hosted on GitHub, so if you notice a typo or a tutorial that could be improved, please contribute!

What is App Service Mobile?

Azure App Service is a fully managed platform that makes it easy to build web, mobile and integration experiences. App Service manages servers and infrastructure for you, providing auto-scaling, continuous integration, deployment slots, secure connectivity to on-premises resources, backup and restore, automated A/B testing, Web Jobs, and more.

App Service Mobile provides a server SDK (in both Node.js and .NET) and a set of client SDKs for iOS, Android, Xamarin and Windows. These SDKs make it easy to create mobile client apps that use offline data sync, user authentication and push notifications.

If you don't have an Azure account, visit Try App Service, where you can create a free short-lived App Service Mobile backend.

Learn more

Azure Mobile Apps is still in preview, and we've been making a lot of improvements as we complete the product. Check out some of our recent blog posts:

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Please give us your feedback! Post comments below, MSDN forums or @AzureMobile. If you have suggestions for something you’d like to see in the product, let us know on our feedback site.