Microsoft has been actively supporting the work of the Drupal community and has listened to their customers’ requests to improve Drupal and SQL Server integration. To that end, we are pleased to highlight the latest posts on the Interoperability blog, which officially welcome Drupal 7 on the Microsoft Platform and announce four new generic modules showcased running on Windows Azure.  This is the first version of Drupal that comes with SQL Server support and a few other key improvements, bringing even greater interoperability with the Microsoft platform.

The four new generic modules developed by Schakra and Mindtree allow Drupal administrators/developers to provide users with new features. To showcase the modules, Drupal 7 was deployed on Windows Azure with the Windows Azure Companion. The new modules are:

  • Bing Maps Module for Drupal
  • Silverlight Pivot viewer Module for Drupal
  • Windows Live ID Module for Drupal
  • OData Module for Drupal

This news reflects Microsoft’s efforts to become more open in the way it builds products, works with others in the industry to meet customer needs and supports the growing ecosystem on Windows.   Read more about these announcements here.


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