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New Titan DB offering from ClearDB

Today we are pleased to announce a new pricing tier for the MySQL databases offered by ClearDB.

The new Titan DB tier is intended to give MySQL users on Azure a more powerful alternative to the free Mercury DB tier but at a fraction of the cost of the Venus DB Tier.

The new Titan DB tier includes 250 MB of storage and up to 10 concurrent database connections. In contrast with the free Mercury DB tier, this gives users 2.5x total connections and more than 12x the storage capacity.

Pricing Tier


The Titan DB tier is considered an entry-level plan and is ideal for Azure customers running simple MySQL-powered applications like WordPress, Joomla or any other WebApp that has outgrown the free Mercury DB tier. This is a great plan for someone starting a new blog, for example and future growth can be accommodated by easily upgrading to a larger DB tier in the future as traffic, storage or load needs change.

The Titan DB tier offers great value at a low price and a smoother scale up option for users outgrowing the free Mercury tier.

The Titan DB is available in all of Azure’s public sub-regions worldwide, and comes with the same level of support as the other paid multi-tenant DB tiers including features like  high-availability, a geo-distributed topology, sub-second automatic failover, daily backups and our 100% up-time SLA.

While the Titan DB plan is a step up from the free Mercury tier, users with more demanding workloads should consider either the Saturn or Jupiter tiers, or possibly even one of the Mission Critical dedicated clusters offers.