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Announcing Xamarin SDK, Unity SDK and open APIs for Azure Mobile Engagement

We are very excited to announce some key features to increase the reach of our product.

We are very excited to announce some key features – Xamarin SDK, Unity SDK & open APIs to Azure Mobile Engagement – which will increase the reach of the product to even more customers. For those who are new to Azure Mobile Engagement – it provides a user-engagement platform that provides data-driven insights into app usage, real-time user segmentation, and enables contextually-aware push notifications.

Our team is also present at this years BUILD conference this week – we have a booth and a Main Theatre session on Friday, April 1st from 10:00 AM. So meet us there and we will be happy to take any questions and discuss how Azure Mobile Engagement could meet your business needs! 

Xamarin SDK

  • Xamarin developers creating Xamarin.Android & Xamarin.iOS apps can now consume Azure Mobile Engagement by downloading our Nuget package.
  • We also have easy to follow tutorials explaining basic SDK integration for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

 Azure Mobile Engagement Xamarin SDK

Azure Mobile Engagement Xamarin Nuget package

Unity SDK

Mobile Engagement Unity game notification

In-app notification powered by Azure Mobile Engagement showing up in a Unity game

Open APIs

We recently released public REST APIs and .NET SDK to interact with Mobile Engagement programmatically so that existing backend like IT/CRM/CMS systems could be easily integrated with Mobile Engagement. These APIs could be used to:

    –    Create & activate push campaigns and fetch the push statistics.

    –    Retrieve and enhance the information stored in Mobile Engagement about the devices.

Some helpful resources:

  • Our REST API Reference enumerates all the available REST APIs with a brief description about them as well as their request/response formats.
  • Swagger or the Open API specification is a standard way to describe the REST APIs. Azure Mobile Engagement REST APIs are described using this Swagger specification.
  • We have also published a .NET SDK to consume these APIs for service integration.
  • Samples – .NET SDK sample & REST API sample demonstrate some simple scenarios like programmatically create a push campaign or get the devices information for a Mobile Engagement App.

Thank you and please don’t hesitate to connect with us using any of the following: