We are thrilled to host you at Ignite next week. For us on the engineering team, it's an opportunity to spend time, share and learn from you. This year we have a lot to share, particularly about Azure Stack. We have tried our best to ensure the sessions are structured in a logical progression. Wale authored a great blog post that walked through the outline. The chart below, summarizes how our sessions will be organized.


I am honored to be providing a first look at what we are doing to enable you to manage and operate Azure Stack in your datacenter in the session titled BRK2188: Learn about Azure Stack infrastructure operations and management. With Azure Stack, our goal is to bring Azure into your datacenters, under your operational control. Azure itself is operated by Microsoft and we have a dedicated team of people who use a variety of operational tools and processes for its upkeep. With Azure Stack, we have to provide a facsimile of such tools so you can own and operate it. That is the gist of what we will cover in this session. This starts from how we are working with our partners (Dell, HPE and Lenovo) to deliver integrated systems and provides an overview of the operational tooling that we will provide as a part of Azure Stack.

We shared our thoughts last month in a short blog post and video. I am sure that it has whet your appetite to dig deeper and this is your chance. Start your journey in understanding how we have conceived of Azure Stack being deployed, integrated, monitored, patched/updated and in general how you would manage its lifecycle. After attending this session, you should attend the architecture session, then head to session that will start your journey to turn you into an Azure Stack Infrastructure rock star. A 9:00 am session on the day after the party is always a fun one, but I know your passion and I can be pretty loud, so we will make it work. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Two interesting tidbits, first watch out for this T-Shirt at Ignite. Anyone wearing this, is a part of the Azure Stack team, so stop by and say hello. And second, those blinky lights are saying “I am almost running TP2.”



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