It’s common for enterprises to run workloads on more than one cloud provider; however, adopting a multi-cloud strategy comes with complexities like handling different cost models, varying billing cycles, and different cloud designs that can be difficult to navigate across multiple dashboards and views.

We’ve heard from many of you that you need a central cost management solution built to help you manage your spend across multiple cloud providers, prevent budget overruns, maintain control, and create accountability with your consumers.

Azure Cost Management now offers cross-cloud support. This is available in preview and can play a critical role in helping you efficiently and effectively managing your organization’s multi-cloud needs. Onboard your AWS costs via an easy-to-use cloud connector to get a single view of your expenditures, so you can analyze and budget for the future in one place.

Get started now and create your first AWS connector with the free preview to explore these capabilities and more.

For more information about managing AWS costs, see this Manage AWS costs and usage in Azure documentation.

What’s available in this preview:

Analyzing Azure and AWS spend with cost analysis

Get deep insights into your cloud spend with the rich graphic capabilities in cost analysis. Analyze your costs across 18 available dimensions like provider, service name, usage location, availability zones, meter, and tags. Cost analysis provides the flexibility to view granular charges to understand what’s driving costs and anomalies, or high-level views to analyze total and month-over-month costs for one or both of your cloud providers. Learn more about Azure Cost Management cost analysis.

An image of the Azure Cost Management cost analysis page.


Budgets and alerts across your Azure & AWS spend

Budgets and alerts in Cost Management help you plan for and drive organizational accountability by allowing you to set spend amount limits and alert thresholds. You can now set budgets and receive alerts on AWS scopes, as well. You can set budgets for various scopes like subscriptions, resource groups, or for your enterprise agreement hierarchy if you are an enterprise customer. Budget notifications are integrated with Azure Action Groups, which enables email, SMS, or you can plug into your automation scripts using available Webhook and Functions integration. Learn more about Azure Cost Management budgets.

An image of the Cost Management: Contoso Software Ltd. budgets page.


What’s coming next?

  • With Azure Cost Management, Microsoft is committed to supporting you manage your multi-cloud environment. We will continue to develop additional Cost Management features so you can benefit from a unified user experience across both Azure and AWS.
  • In the coming months we’ll be focusing on building features like the ability to save and schedule reports, additional capabilities in cost analysis, budgets, forecast, alerts, exports, and show-backs. And looking further into the future, we plan to continue enhancing our multi-cloud support for additional cloud products.
  • Follow us at @AzureCostMgmt on Twitter for more updates and information.
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