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Manage your Azure Linux VM logs through Operations Management Suite

We've just added support for managing your Azure Linux VM logs through Azure Operational Insights and OMS!

Recently I shared details on how to enable diagnostics and monitoring for Azure Linux Virtual Machines through the Azure monitoring extension – see June blog on Azure Linux VM Infrastructure Monitoring and Diagnostics. In this post, we are announcing that OMS has added the capabilities to be able to manage your Azure Linux VMs logs which you can now consume through the Operational Insights dashboard. See Alex Frankel’s System Center: Operations Manager Engineering Blog for details and the procedure on how to set it all up and how to manage your VMs’ metrics data in OMS workspace as well as more details on Analyze data from servers in Microsoft Azure documentation.

If you need details about enabling diagnostics on Azure Linux VMs, reference June blog on Azure Linux VM Infrastructure Monitoring and Diagnostics

Below is high level data flow of syslog and performance metrics data from your running VMs on Azure to your Operations Management Suite workspace:




With these additional capabilities, you can now better manage the health of your infrastructure running on Azure Linux VMs and track all your metrics data through the rich Operations Management Suite dashboard.