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Last week in Azure for the week of October 2, 2017

Five highlights from last week in Azure for the week of October 2, 2017.

To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, “Azure moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” To help you do that without spending too much time looking around, this weekly series will highlight what’s new from across Azure over the previous week; however, it won’t provide a comprehensive list of everything that’s new.

That said, here're five highlights from last week:

1. Java on Azure

JavaOne was last week in San Francisco, so there was a lot happening around the Java offering on Azure. Prior to the event, we announced support for securely deploying and redeploying Java apps on Kubernetes in Azure Container Service using Maven. At the event, we announced Java support for Azure Functions, which is now in public preview. Check out the Azure Functions Java developer guide to learn more. We released Azure Management Libraries for Java v1.3, which adds support for Availability Zones, Network Peering, Virtual Network Gateways, and Azure Container Instances. Start exploring what you can do with Java on Azure.

2. Reflections on Microsoft Ignite 2017

Corporate Vice President, Julia White, gathered her thoughts to provide highlights from the recent Microsoft Ignite event in Orlando, FL, which includes links to some useful articles that came out from the event. Be sure to give her post a read: Azure is the Enterprise Cloud – highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2017.

3. SQL Server 2017 Linux & Windows VMs now available in Azure Marketplace

SQL Server 2017 images on Linux and Windows are now available in the Azure Marketplace. Deploying SQL Server in Azure VMs combines the industry-leading performance and security, built-in artificial intelligence, and business intelligence of SQL Server, now available on both Linux and Windows, with the flexibility, security, and hybrid connectivity of Azure. For more information, see Announcing new Azure VM images: SQL Server 2017 on Linux and Windows.

4. Azure Building Blocks

Last week we released Azure Building Blocks, which are a set of tools and Azure Resource Manager templates that are designed to simplify deployment of Azure resources. The Microsoft patterns & practices team is working on a set of Azure Building Block tutorials on GitHub to help you master their use.

5. New episodes of Azure Friday

Experimental cmdlets in Azure PowerShell – Aaron Roney joins Scott Hanselman to check out the new Experimental cmdlets in Azure PowerShell.

Experimental cmdlets in Azure PowerShell video preview

Azure App Service with Hybrid Connections to On-premises Resources – Christina Compy joins Scott Hanselman to talk about the recently re-launched App Service Hybrid Connections.

Azure App Service with Hybrid Connections to On-premises Resources video preview