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We’re pleased to announce four new Getting Started Tutorials that will help developers and IT pros who are interested in trying out Windows Azure to get up-and-running quickly. In addition to these tutorials, we just launched a new tutorials section on the Windows Azure product website that catalogs tutorial content covering all aspects of the Windows Azure platform.

The new getting started tutorials cover several common scenarios:

  • Installing the SDK and Getting a Subscription walks through the process of setting up a Windows Azure development environment and registering for a Windows Azure subscription.
  • Deploying a Windows Azure Sample Application describes how to deploy and configure a pre-packaged Windows Azure application.
  • Developing a Windows Azure Hello World Application Using ASP.NET MVC 3 describes how to create a basic web application and deploy it to Windows Azure.
  • Developing a Windows Azure Data Application Using Code First and SQL Azure expands on the Hello World application by using the Entity Framework Code First feature to add a SQL Azure database component.

The new tutorial landing pages bring together the best Windows Azure tutorials from across several Microsoft sites and group them by task and experience level to make it easy to identify the tutorial that best meets your needs. For example, if you want to move an existing application to Windows Azure, check out Migrate Services and Data Tutorials; if you need to add authentication to an existing Windows Azure application, try Control Access Tutorials.

We would love to get your feedback about the new pages or any of the content on the Windows Azure product website. Send us your thoughts at:


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