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How pharma sales operations benefit from centralizing data and process integration

Pharmaceutical companies need to meet demanding sales goals, manage intricate regulatory compliance, and maintain a competitive hold on the market.

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Pharmaceutical companies need to meet demanding sales goals, manage intricate regulatory compliance, and maintain a competitive hold on the market. However, current sales force automation (SFA) solutions for the life sciences industry are focused primarily on sales reps, which leaves a large capability gap for sales operations departments and inhibits their ability to support the sales process.

Prescriber360 is a Microsoft Gold Partner with a comprehensive Pharma SalesOps solution designed specifically for the life sciences industry that can reduce, and even close, the capability gap.

Problem: Data spread out and unavailable

Pharma and biotech industries rely heavily on both internal and external data sources. However, most sales operations processes are currently performed manually in spreadsheets and without a centralized system of record. This makes it incredibly difficult to access and leverage that data.

The following problems often result:

  • Sales teams built around multiple therapeutic areas and prescriber specialties present a complex targeted environment requiring powerful systems and processes.
  • Quarterly alignment processes require touching an entire customer universe, and it takes a lot of effort to update an SFA system with new information, maintain a history of changes to support incentive compensation (IC), and preview the impact of alignments on the sales force. In addition, a data change request (DCR) process causes incremental alignments, which need to follow the same rules or in some cases make overwrites.
  • Rep rosters are essential to the smooth working of pharma sales operations, but a systems perspective often overlooks them. A central roster system can produce huge productivity gains and data integrity improvements across systems.

The solution: Prescriber360’s sales operations software platform

The Prescriber360 sales operations software platform provides these valuable capabilities:

  • Keeps up with constantly changing customer master data, validating compliance-approved prescriber specialties and state licenses.
  • Processes quarterly alignments on the sales operations platform, letting organizations load alignments before an IC period starts and they can view field impact.
  • Processes data change requests initiated by the SFA system and governance workflow to make sure that prescribers have a valid specialty, address, and alignment.
  • Gives sales teams, including reps, district managers, and regional sales directors, easy-to-use reporting, including weekly/monthly data, change requests, quota attainment, and baseline reports.
  • Eases the burden on sales operations teams caused by quarterly IC processes for analytics. The solution helps to maintain a balance between providing accurate demographic data to analytics for future quarter planning, while supporting the field with needed changes of information.
  • Users are authenticated through Azure Active Directory (AAD), which is built on the Azure cloud. Data stored in Azure Blob storage or Azure SQL Database is encrypted at rest and in-transit. Power BI also relies on AAD for authentication and authorization.

Prescriber360 offers comprehensive capabilities across an organization.

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Benefits of an integrated sales ops platform

Managing all sales operations processes in one convenient place with Prescriber360 gives organizations many tangible benefits:

  • Own all new and existing data, maintaining control and making changes as needed.
  • Take advantage of machine learning, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and cloud computing technology to separate yourself from competitors.
  • Use prebuilt integrations with other major vendors to provide rapid implementation, cost savings, and reliability.
  • Make Microsoft technology part of daily operations as a line of business (LOB) system.

Azure services that make a difference

This platform is built entirely using Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and Power BI:

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