Business disruptions, tactical pivots, and remote work have all emphasized the critical role that analytics plays in all organizations. Uncharted situations demand proven performance insights so that businesses can quickly determine what is and is not working. In recent months, the urgency for business-guiding insights has only been heightened, leading to a need for real-time analytics solutions. Equally important is the need to discover and share these insights in the most cost-effective manner.

Not only has COVID-19 been a challenge to world health but also has created new economic challenges to businesses worldwide. These challenges have resulted in an increased need for tools that quickly deliver insights to business leaders—empowering informed decisions. This is where Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics can help.

New circumstances demand new solutions

Azure Synapse Analytics is a new type of analytics platform that enables you to accelerate your time-to-insight with a unified experience and—just as important—save on costs while doing so. It is up to 14 times faster and costs 94 percent less than other cloud providers. Let’s dive into how Azure Synapse can help you respond, adapt, and save.

Respond to disruption and adapt to a new normal

History shows that proven analytics technologies, such as Azure Synapse, have a strong track record of enabling more dynamic and exploratory responses that can guide businesses through difficult times. Traditional data warehouses and reports can’t scale to provide the intelligence and insight that business executives demand in today’s world.

To make good strategic decisions, businesses need to quickly and effectively find new insights in their data. This can only come through more advanced tools and an improved understanding of how to get the most from them.

How Azure Synapse Analytics can help you respond adapt and save  1

Each recent global economic crisis can be correlated with a follow-up increase in data analytics projects as companies worldwide lean on data analytics to boost their recovery.

To enable teams to collaborate and innovate, they need tools and services that help them discover, explore, and quickly and efficiently find new insights.

How Azure Synapse Analytics can help you respond adapt and save  2

Azure Synapse has an intelligent architecture that makes it industry-leading in unifying big data workloads with traditional data warehousing while at the same time encouraging collaboration and reducing costs.

Using Azure Synapse, businesses can empower their teams to collaborate, adapt, and create new strategies that are driven by data. Azure Synapse not only makes it easy to start and scale in the cloud, but it has key security, governance, and monitoring tools that are critical for successful data analytics solutions.

Save on costs with Azure Synapse

The current economic challenges have certainly made us all—individuals and businesses—more conscious of our spending. Businesses are looking for new ways to improve productivity and efficiency on limited budgets. Cloud analytics in general, and Azure Synapse in particular, are a great fit for this requirement because it helps businesses start small and scale as needed.

Azure Synapse offers a cost-effective service due to its intelligent architecture, which separates storage, compute power, and resources—but makes them seamlessly available when needed. This means that you do not have to keep paying for cloud services if you experience unexpected events that cause business disruptions and tactical pivots. Services can simply be paused to release resources and save costs. You can also scale compute separately from storage, which brings even more cost savings.

How Azure Synapse Analytics can help you respond adapt and save  3

Azure Synapse has been found to offer a significantly better price-to-performance ratio when compared with similar services from other cloud providers. This chart from an independent study shows the price-performance comparison (lower is better).

In a recent study, GigaOm, an independent emerging technology research firm, found that Azure Synapse has the best price-to-performance ratio on the market. The study surveyed many services from all of the major cloud providers and took both performance and cost into account. Besides being powerful and cost-effective, Azure Synapse offers industry-leading features when it comes to governance, monitoring, and collaboration that address key challenges for data analytics projects. These features provide businesses with the right tools to control not only costs but also the entire analytics lifecycle, including security, performance, and accuracy.

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Great leadership, a clear vision, and intelligent data analytics are key components that can help during significant economic and health challenges. Business leaders must lean on the data and insights available and the will, knowledge, and skills of their teams. Empowering your team with the right tools is critical to ensuring they have what they need to effectively collaborate, discover, and work towards recovery.

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