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Here’s What’s New with the Windows Azure Marketplace

Publié le 23 octobre, 2012

Senior Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

Making things easier and more efficient while helping you improve productivity, is the name of the game at the Windows Azure Marketplace. In this month’s release, the addition of Windows Azure Active Directory simplifies the user experience, while access to new content expands your capabilities.

Improved Experience

Now you can use your Windows Azure Active Directory ID (your Office 365 login) to access the Windows Azure Marketplace. We heard your feedback about improving efficiency. With just a single identity to manage, publishing and promoting—even purchasing--offerings becomes easier. And the process of updating, organizing and managing contact and ecommerce details becomes more secure and streamlined too.

In addition, the marketplace has lots of new content from great providers who are committed to expanding the power of the Windows Azure platform.

New Data Sources

Check out new data offerings from RegioData Research GmbH, including RegioData Purchasing Power Austria 2012 and RegioData Purchasing Power United Kingdom 2012. Purchasing Power refers to the ability of one person or one household to buy goods, services or rights with a given amount of money within a certain period of time. These indices clearly represent the regional prosperity levels and disposable incomes (including primary and transfer income) in Austria and the UK respectively. You can browse the full list of data sources available in the Marketplace here.

New Apps

In the realm of apps, we have new content from High 5 Software, ClearTrend Research, QuickTracPlus, and multiple providers out of Barcelona including Santin e Associati S.r.l. (Tempestive). You’ll find everything from web content management tools to document generation to staff auditing and management apps. Take a look:

  • SME: Service Management Enterprise
  • KERN4CLOUD (Spanish version)
  • MeasureBox
  • clearTREND
  • Service Delivery Broker
  • Tempestive GhostWriter on the Cloud
  • PushLocker
  • Cloud-FTP
  • Smartsite iXperion for Azure - Dynamic Web Content Management
  • Cherrystaff
  • QuickTracPlus

You can check out the complete list of apps available in the Marketplace here.

We’ve got more exciting features in coming releases, so stay tuned for more updates!