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GEP uses Azure and SQL Database to expand global reach

Azure and SQL Database gives GEP global reach and greater efficiency.

GEP delivers software and services that enable procurement leaders around the world to maximize their impact on their businesses’ operations, strategies, and financial performances. One of GEP's SaaS solutions for their customers is SMART by GEP​®, a cloud-based, comprehensive procurement-software platform built on Azure from the ground up.

One critical motivation for GEP was the greater scalability, less downtime, and reduced maintenance costs that GEP could experience with Azure SQL Database compared to what GEP could achieve on-premises. GEP also needed a way to overcome regulatory barriers that kept it out of some global markets. For many of GEP’s potential European customers, regulatory compliance would require having data stored in their local geographic regions. But it would not have been practical for GEP to build out multiple datacenters. By moving to Microsoft Azure, GEP has been able to accommodate its rapid growth and its potential to expand into new markets.

To learn more about GEP's journey and how you can take advantage of Azure SQL Database to build SaaS applications, take a look at this newly published case study.