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Event Hubs Dedicated Offering

Find out more about the Azure Event Hubs Dedicated offering.

The Event Hubs team is introducing a new offering for dedicated single-tenant deployments for our most demanding customers. This same offering powers Halo 5 on Xbox One, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Office client application telemetry pipelines. At full scale Azure Event Hubs can ingress over two million events per second or up to 2 GB per second of telemetry with fully durable storage and sub-second latency.


The core of this offering is the same engine that powers Event Hubs Standard tier, but is provided as a single tenant, dedicated, cluster with the following benefits:

  • Single tenant hosting with no noise from other tenants – your resources are “isolated”
  • Message size increases to 1MB as compared to 256KB for Standard and Basic plans
  • Scalable between 1 and 8 capacity units – providing up to 2 million ingress events per second
  • Fixed monthly price includes costs for ingress events, throughput units, and Archive
  • Guaranteed capacity to meet your burst needs
  • Repeatable performance every time
  • Zero maintenance

Event Hubs Dedicated Capacity will meet your highest scale telemetry and streaming demands. It offers all features of the Event Hubs Standard plan in a single tenant runtime so that your streams will never be affected by bursts in traffic volumes and provide you with a tried-and-true performance.

Unlike other tiers of Event Hubs, Dedicated Capacity is an all-inclusive fixed monthly price where features, such as extended retention and archive, are provided for no additional fee. Overall, you will find more flexibility around the limits you would see in the other Event Hubs plans. Maximum message size is increased to 1MB and restrictions on the number of brokered connections you can have are significantly eased. Whether your preference is to send many small messages or fewer large messages, both benefit from the flexibility of dedicated capacity.

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This platform is now offered to the public through an Enterprise Agreement in varying size configurations as Capacity Units (CU). Each capacity unit provides approximately 200 Throughput Units of capacity. You can scale your dedicated capacity up or down throughout the month to meet your needs by adding or removing capacity units.

Event Hubs dedicated capacity is like having your own Azure region for Event Hubs. It is a fully managed Platform as a Service, where all maintenance such as OS and software patching is taken care of for you by the Event Hubs team.

For estimated pricing, please contact your Microsoft sales representative or Microsoft Support to get additional details about Event Hubs Dedicated Capacity. You can also view the Event Hubs pricing table to view a feature comparison with standard and basic plans. It’ll handle the streaming data you have today and keep you ready for tomorrow.