Sixty-five percent of developers say it’s too complicated and time consuming to get dev-test resources.* It doesn’t have to be.

This blog series will provide guidance on setting up dev-test environments with the help of the Microsoft cloud so that you can get the most out of dev-test in minutes—not hours or days.


There’s a simpler way to speed up the process of creating a dev-test environment. Azure makes it easy to create virtual machines (see our previous post for resources to help you configure and deploy Azure VMs) and network them together—the first steps in creating your own dev-test environment.

As a first step, you can create a cloud-only virtual network (follow the step-by-step instructions to create a virtual network) and then add VMs to it. A cloud-only virtual network has no connection back to your on-premises network. To create a simplified on-premises network that is connected to the Internet, see the Base Configuration test environment.

As the next step, you can create a cross-premises virtual network that connects to and extends your on-premises network. You can set up a hybrid cloud environment to simulate a real hybrid environment for dev-test. Still curious? Learn more about Azure hybrid cloud test environments.

Learn more about VNets and explore these frequently asked questions that cover a lot of networking basics.

Look for the next post in the Dev-Test Starts with IT series about setting up a hybrid environment for testing.

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*Source: Business Case for Test Environment Management Whitepaper, Cognizant

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