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Azure Storage Talks from Build & Ignite

The past couple of weeks have been extremely exciting for Azure Storage. We made several announcements and received a lot of great feedback during the Build and Ignite conferences.

The past couple of weeks have been extremely exciting for Azure Storage. We made several announcements and received a lot of great feedback during the Build and Ignite conferences. During this time, members of our team gave plenty of talks regarding new offerings and best practices for using Azure Storage.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Build or Ignite this year, the following sessions may be of interest to you.

Azure Storage Overview and New Capabilities


Presenters:  Jason Hogg and Vamshi Kommineni

Length: 1 hour

Target Audience:  Technical Consultants, IT Decision makers, and Developers with little to no familiarity with Azure Storage.

Summary:  In this session, the Azure Storage team will prepare you to build cloud scale applications using Azure Storage Blobs, Tables, Queues, Disks and Files. You will learn about capabilities of the storage platform including how to design with security, high-availability and scalability in mind. We will also show you how to manage your service at scale by understanding the monitoring and diagnostics capabilities of the platform. The presentation will also include demonstrations of new platform capabilities including Application Layer Encryption, AppendBlobs and extended authorization capabilities.

Azure Premium Storage


Presenters:  Aung Oo and Sirius Kuttiyan

Length: 1.25 hours

Target Audience:  Technical Consultants, IT Decision makers

Summary:  Premium Storage delivers high-performance, low-latency disk support for IO intensive workloads running on Azure Virtual Machines. This is a level-400  session which provides overview of the feature and its key capabilities, explains its architecture and inner workings of the service, discusses best practices & patterns to run top-tier workloads, and demonstrates the public-cloud leading performance of Premium Storage.

Azure Storage Performance, Scale, and Security


Presenter: Jeff Irwin

Length: 1.25 hours

Target Audience: Developers familiar with Storage, looking to improve their applications’ performance and scale.  Developers and IT Pro’s looking to understand Azure Storage Security.

Summary: Cloud, on-premise, and mobile applications are all increasingly using cloud storage. Azure Storage is a cloud storage service which provides scalability, durability, and accessibility over HTTP(S) from anywhere. Used properly, it can be a part of a highly performant application. In this presentation, we will discuss proven practices for achieving great performance in your application when using Azure Storage. This talk will deep-dive into the internals of Azure Storage.  Azure developers will learn not only about how to use Azure Storage (Blobs, Disks, Files, Tables, and Queues) efficiently, but how using Azure Storage can help their applications perform better and scale easier. Additionally, security considerations when using Azure Storage will be discussed.

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