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Azure Migrate now available in Azure Government

Microsoft’s service for datacenter migration, Azure Migrate, is now available in Azure Government—unlocking the whole range of functionality for government customers.

Microsoft’s service for datacenter migration, Azure Migrate, is now available in Azure Government—unlocking the whole range of functionality for government customers. Previously, Azure Migrate V1 was available to US Azure Government customers, which performed limited scale assessment for VMware workloads. Azure Migrate V2 for Azure Government, now available, includes a one-stop shop for discovery, assessment, and migration of largescale datacenters.

Why migrate to Azure Government

We know how important security is for Government customers. Fortunately, Azure Government, Microsoft’s government cloud offering, provides industry-leading security with more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider. By using a cloud government solution, your organization can meet high compliance certifications that aren’t available on-premises.

Azure Government has six government-exclusive datacenter regions across the US, with an Impact Level 5 Provisional Authorization. This means Azure Government can host workloads for the most sensitive organizations, like the US Department of Defense. Azure Government also offers hybrid flexibility, which allows you to customize your digital transformation by keeping select data and functionality on-premises.

Leading-edge innovations in Azure ensure your government organization is modernized and effective, with advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and high-performance computing. Transform how your organization learns from and interacts with citizens. Analyze smart devices real-time to improve weather sensors and optimize emergency services. Take preemptive action against evolving security threats with predictive models. Learn more about Azure Government.

Azure Migrate supports your migration to Azure Government

Azure Migrate provides a central hub of Microsoft and ISV migration tools. The hub helps identify the right tools for your migration scenario and features end-to-end progress tracking to help with largescale datacenter migrations and cloud transformation projects.

Azure Migrate provides comprehensive coverage for a variety of migration scenarios, now all available for government customers, including:


  • Windows and Linux servers—Largescale discovery, assessment, and migration for VMware, Hyper-V, and bare metal servers. Features include agentless discovery, application inventory mapping, dependency mapping, and cost analysis. You can also migrate VMware VMs (now generally available) to Azure with zero data loss and minimal downtime using an agentless migration, in addition to the agent-based migration capability.
  • SQL and other databases—Assessment and migration for a variety of on-premises databases to Azure SQL database and Azure SQL Database managed instance.
  • Web-apps—Assessment and migration of .NET and PHP web apps to Azure App Service.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) migration—Migration of virtual desktop infrastructure to Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.
  • Data migration—Migration of block data to Azure using Data Box.

The Azure Migrate homepage.

Azure Migrate Hub.


Server discovery analysis in Azure Migrate.

Agentless Discovery.

Server dependency analysis mapping feature in Azure Migrate.

Dependency Mapping.

Learn more about Azure Migrate.

Geographic and regional availability for Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate is currently available in Asia Pacific, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States for public cloud. Now, Azure Migrate capabilities will be extended to US Gov Arizona and US Gov Virginia for government customers.

Note the individual SKUs supported in the assessment and migration tools will depend on availability in these regions. See a comparison of Gov SKUs with respect to public cloud SKUs.

Get started with Azure Migrate for Government

As always, Azure Migrate is included in your Azure subscription without any additional licensing costs. To get started with Azure Government, request an Azure Government trial. If you already have an Azure Government subscription,  you can get started using Azure Migrate to discover, assess, and migrate your mission critical workloads to Azure. You can learn how to get started with Azure Migrate and access tutorials in the Azure Migrate documentation.

We are thrilled to empower our customers to be future ready and leverage the continuous innovation of Azure. You can see the latest and greatest Azure Migrate capabilities in action in the videos below.