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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 27

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From November 1, 2018 to November 16, 2018, 61 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live.

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From November 1 to November 16, 2018, 61 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Virtual machines

CIS Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS Benchmark L1

CIS Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS Benchmark L1: This image of Ubuntu Linux 18.04 is preconfigured by CIS to the recommendations in the associated CIS Benchmark. CIS Benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides.

Couchbase Enterprise

Couchbase Enterprise: Modernize your technology environment with Couchbase's full-featured engagement database. It's adaptive, responsive, scalable, intelligent, highly available, and easy to manage.

CyberPosture Intelligence 1-Month - Trial

CyberPosture Intelligence 1-Month – Trial: Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence combines automated discovery, monitoring, infrastructure risk scoring, and auto-remediation to help organizations of all sizes leverage the cost savings and agility of the cloud.

CyberPosture Intelligence Annual BYOL

CyberPosture Intelligence Annual BYOL: Cavirin CyberPosture Intelligence combines automated discovery, monitoring, infrastructure risk scoring, and auto-remediation to help organizations of all sizes leverage the cost savings and agility of the cloud.

FlashGrid SkyCluster for Oracle RAC

FlashGrid SkyCluster for Oracle RAC: FlashGrid SkyCluster is an engineered cloud system for database high availability. SkyCluster comes as a fully integrated Infrastructure-as-Code template that you can customize and deploy to your IaaS cloud account with a few clicks.

Flexify.IO - Azure Blob-Amazon S3 Data Migration

Flexify.IO – Azure Blob/Amazon S3 Data Migration: Migrate data between Azure Blob storage, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage accounts. Flexify.IO validates checksums at every step of migration and retries errors, ensuring your data arrives the same as it was at the source.

Flexify.IO - Multi-Cloud Storage

Flexify.IO – Multi-Cloud Storage: Flexify.IO enables cloud-agnostic and multi-cloud storage deployments by combining Azure Blob storage, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and others into a single virtual storage repository and making it available via the S3 API.

OncoreDOCS, Powered by Nextcloud

Oncore!DOCS, Powered by Nextcloud: Oncore!DOCS is an open-source file sync and share solution designed to be easy to use. It's powered by Nextcloud and optimized for Microsoft Azure.


ont_dev_platform: This is a decentralized application development platform. Users and developers can develop, compile, deploy, and invoke intelligent contracts using a mirror platform composed of Ontology, SmartX (IDE), and Explorer.

Panzura Freedom CloudFS (EARLY ACCESS)

Panzura Freedom CloudFS (EARLY ACCESS): New features in include support for virtual NIC and multibyte character support, enabling long path and file names for Japanese and Chinese characters.

Phishing Frenzy on Ubuntu Server

Phishing Frenzy on Ubuntu Server: Phishing Frenzy is a software tool for penetration testers that’s built with the Ruby on Rails web-application framework.

RSA NetWitness Platform 11.2

RSA NetWitness Platform 11.2: RSA NetWitness Platform v11.2 adds a new User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) offering, with increased capabilities for detection, response, and forensics activities, as well as added contextual information from RSA Archer.

Scai Analytics & Database Management Web Platform

Scai Analytics & Database Management Web Platform: Scai is a business intelligence and database management web platform for SQL databases and Azure SQL Database. Scai was built for companies that need a powerful, affordable, simple analytics and management tool.


scalearc: The ScaleArc database load balancing software enables an agile data tier that eliminates planned and unplanned downtime, enables failover that avoids application disruption, and delivers instant scalability with no changes to the app or database.


Serverless360: Serverless360 offers powerful message processing for real-time business requirements, integration with major external notification channels, and extensive serverless monitoring for a complete integration solution.

SFTP Secure Server Windows 2016 OpenSSH

SFTP Secure Server Windows 2016 OpenSSH: This solution is an FTP/FTPS/SFTP server that enables users to access remote files over TCP/IP networks, such as the internet. Unlike FTP, the FTPS and SFTP protocols provide security and strong data encryption.

Topicus KeyHub

Topicus KeyHub: Topicus KeyHub provides a complete access management solution for team-based single sign-on, real-time provisioning, and password management.

Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS plus Azure IoT Edge runtime

Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS + Azure IoT Edge runtime: Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service that delivers cloud intelligence locally by deploying and running artificial intelligence, Azure services, and custom logic directly on cross-platform IoT devices.


VisualBase: VisualBase is a dynamic business application platform with powerful development tools at runtime. Organizations turn to VisualBase for its capability, flexibility, and reliability.


VisualRM: VisualRM is a risk management tool that empowers organizations to identify, score, categorize, classify, and rank risks, then put in place short-term and long-term mitigation actions and plans.

Web applications

Couchbase Server Enterprise Container

Couchbase Server Enterprise Container: Modernize your technology environment with Couchbase Server Enterprise Container. Built on powerful NoSQL technology, Couchbase Server gives you the flexibility to constantly reinvent the customer experience.

DigiCert Code-Signing Certificates Listing

DigiCert Code-Signing Certificates Listing: Code-signing certificates are used by software developers to digitally sign apps, drivers, and software programs as a way for end users to verify that the code they receive has not been altered or compromised by a third party.

Exact Lightweight Integration Server

Exact Lightweight Integration Server: Exact Lightweight Integration Server offers a central management console to install, update, manage, and monitor all data integrations within your Exact environment.

QuotaGuard Static IPs

QuotaGuard Static IPs: QuotaGuard Static IPs are enterprise-ready inbound/outbound proxied static IP services complete with dual-static IP provisions, health monitoring, load balancing, and automated failover for each account.

Container solutions

Git Container Image

Git Container Image: Git is an open-source distributed version control system that can handle both small and large projects with speed and efficiency.

Consulting services

1 Week CIO Assessment

1 Week CIO Assessment: CrucialLogics will perform an assessment to determine the current IT landscape and generate an executive deliverable with action plans and next steps for the IT road map on your Microsoft platform (Office 365, Azure, Dynamics).

Accelerating Digital Transformation Assessment

Accelerating Digital Transformation Assessment: In this one-day workshop, sopra steria will assess your technology and application transformational journey in line with your business strategy, then provide a report advising either rebuilding, rehosting, or refactoring your apps.

Azure & Microsoft 365 Security- 2-Wk Implementation

Azure & Microsoft 365 Security:2-Wk Implementation: Protect your business data, operational infrastructure, and business identity against cyber threats and data breaches with Steeves and Associates’ Enhanced Security + Data Protection Service for Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery- 1-Hour Briefing

Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery:1-Hour Briefing: Disasters can happen to any business. In this briefing by Communication Square, you'll learn how you can leverage Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery options to ensure your business keeps progressing.

Azure Backup- 2-Week POC

Azure Backup: 2-Week POC: Get a portion of your workload backed up on Azure and see all the tools and features in action in this proof of concept from Communication Square. Azure Backup enables you to secure your data in the cloud without the extra costs of infrastructure.

Azure Backup- 4-Week Implementation

Azure Backup: 4-Week Implementation: In this four-week implementation, Communication Square will back up your workload with Azure Backup. Experience lower operational costs, added security, and pay-as-you-go storage.

Azure Data Center Migration- 4 Week Implementation

Azure Data Center Migration: 4 Week Implementation: Spend less and achieve more by moving your datacenter to the cloud. Migrate your data to Azure with the help of Communication Square's Microsoft-certified experts.

Azure Datapath 10-Weeks Implementation

Azure Datapath 10-Weeks Implementation: A challenge for many organizations on their cloud journey is how to efficiently migrate large amounts of data to Azure. Azure Datapath is a service provided by Servent to help accelerate and expedite your migration.

Azure Disaster Recovery- 2-Week POC

Azure Disaster Recovery: 2-Week POC: With Azure Disaster Recovery, you can create a customized plan to keep your business running in any situation. Get a portion of your workload replicated on Azure in this proof of concept from Communication Square.

Azure Disaster Recovery- 4-Week Implementation

Azure Disaster Recovery: 4-Week Implementation: In this four-week implementation by Communication Square, you can get your workload replicated on Azure and receive a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for the continuity of your business.

Azure Done Right Migration

Azure Done Right Migration: Developed by Netsurit, Azure Done Right is a predefined set of planning and migration procedures and tools to assist you in the successful migration of workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Pathway 10-Weeks Implementation

Azure Pathway 10-Weeks Implementation: Azure Pathway by Servent helps simplify your journey to Microsoft Azure. Accelerate your migration with step-by-step guidance and technical resources customized for your workloads.

Backup and Recovery- 5-Day POC

Backup and Recovery: 5-Day POC: In this engagement from Catapult Systems, customers will learn cloud backup best practices and receive a proof of concept that sends two workloads into Azure Backup.

Cloud Coaching Service 8 Week Workshop

Cloud Coaching Service 8 Week Workshop: This offer from Compositional IT will deliver one-hour coaching sessions with your developers to help keep your cloud applications on the right track.

Cloud Tech Accelerator 5 Day Proof of Concept

Cloud Tech Accelerator 5 Day Proof of Concept: Compositional IT's Tech Accelerator is designed to let us solve those specific or edge-case technology problems that would be prohibitively expensive or time-consuming for you to solve yourself.

Database DevOps Jumpstart- 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Database DevOps Jumpstart: 2-Wk Proof of Concept: DevOps unifies software development and software operation, enabling shorter development cycles and increased deployment frequency. This proof of concept from Coeo will reveal the benefits of Azure DevOps Services.

DB Shield-DB Compliance- 4 week Implementation

DB Shield-DB Compliance. 4 week Implementation: The DB Shield Azure service protects databases with a set of preconfigured defenses and helps build a custom security policy for your environment.

DevOps Pipeline Assessment- 3 Day Assessment

DevOps Pipeline Assessment: 3 Day Assessment: This assessment by DevOpsGroup provides an in-depth analysis of your automation technology to create best-practice continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

DevOps Transformation Discovery- 3 Day Assessment

DevOps Transformation Discovery: 3 Day Assessment: This assessment by DevOpsGroup will help you understand operational and technical challenges, explore technological or policy-related constraints, and establish the needs of your organization.

DevOps with Azure Automation Jumpstart- 2-Wk PoC

DevOps with Azure Automation Jumpstart: 2-Wk PoC: Implement DevOps practices to improve agility, collaboration, and productivity in this two-week proof of concept from Coeo.

Empowering Remote Workers- 1 Hour Briefing

Empowering Remote Workers: 1 Hour Briefing: In this free briefing, you’ll learn how Communication Square can help you secure devices and protect sensitive data using Microsoft Azure. Empower your remote workforce with secure access to your organization’s data.

Empowering Remote Workers- 4-Week Implementation

Empowering Remote Workers: 4-Week Implementation: Communication Square will meet with you to determine your deployment goals and go over use-case scenarios, then implement Microsoft Intune for mobile device management, with testing and validation.

Enterprise Blockchain Discovery- 1-Day Assessment

Enterprise Blockchain Discovery: 1-Day Assessment: In this free assessment from Envision Blockchain Solutions, participants will learn the benefits and values of conducting their business with blockchain solutions.

Envision Workshop SAP on Azure

Envision Workshop SAP on Azure: Cooperation between Microsoft and SAP facilitates the efficient and secure migration of central IT processes to the cloud for business customers. This workshop by SYCOR will detail the benefits of SAP on Azure.

GDPR Compliant Cloud Solutions- 1-Hour Briefing

GDPR Compliant Cloud Solutions: 1-Hour Briefing: In this one-hour briefing by Communication Square, learn about GDPR compliance and how to quickly and cost-effectively achieve it. Microsoft Compliance Manager and other Microsoft services will be discussed.

GDPR Compliant Cloud Solutions- 4-Week Imp.

GDPR Compliant Cloud Solutions: 4-Week Imp.: Communication Square will help your organization achieve GDPR compliance, and you'll receive Microsoft Compliance Manager training and insights on data protection capabilities.

Modern Workplace Enablement- 4-Week Implementation

Modern Workplace Enablement: 4-Week Implementation: Increase productivity and empower your workforce with the latest collaboration and productivity tools. Communication Square will take care of all aspects of the modern workplace enablement program.

Modern Workplace for Firstline Workers- 4-Wk Imp.

Modern Workplace for Firstline Workers: 4-Wk Imp.: This implementation from Communication Square will help you digitize work, modernize teamwork, and improve security.

Modern Workplace- 1-Hour briefing

Modern Workplace: 1-Hour briefing: Do you want to retire paper and pencil? Do you want a better way to communicate with your team members? Communication Square's one-hour briefing will help you understand what you can achieve and optimize with Microsoft Azure.

SAP Azure 10-Week Implementation

SAP Azure 10-Week Implementation: SAP Azure from Servent is our framework to help you migrate SAP to Azure. With this offering, we simplify the deployment and migration process and enable your journey to use SAP on Azure.

Secure Azure 10-Weeks Implementation

Secure Azure 10-Weeks Implementation: The Secure Azure implementation by Servent is a comprehensive set of security solutions. These solutions ensure that when you migrate workloads to Azure, they will be secured following Microsoft and industry standards.

Secure your Data implementation

Secure your Data implementation: At Netsurit, our Secure Your Data offer mitigates any threats by implementing effective and proven measures to ensure your data is protected at all times.

Secure your Devices implementation

Secure your Devices implementation: Netsurit’s team of experts will work with you to create a customized plan to implement tools and processes so you can effectively manage and secure your company devices.

Secure your Identity Implementation

Secure your Identity Implementation: Netsurit’s Secure Your Identity solution enables automated user lifecycle management across HR systems both on-premises and in the cloud.

Setup SentryOne Monitoring Software monitor 5 Svrs

Setup SentryOne Monitoring Software monitor 5 Svrs: In this implementation, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting will set up SentryOne monitoring software on a repository server and configure monitoring on up to five servers.

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration- 2 weeks

TFS to Azure DevOps Migration: 2 weeks: In this two-week implementation, DevOpsGroup will migrate your current work items, history, and code repository from Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) to Git for source control.