Billets de : Venky Veeraraghavan

Microsoft makes it easier to build popular language representation model BERT at large scale

mercredi 17 juillet 2019

Today we are announcing the open sourcing of our recipe to pre-train BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) built by the Bing team, including code that works on Azure Machine Learning, so that customers can unlock the power of training custom versions of BERT-large models for their organization. This will enable developers and data scientists to build their own general-purpose language representation beyond BERT.

Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

New Azure Machine Learning updates simplify and accelerate the ML lifecycle

vendredi 3 mai 2019

With the exponential rise of data, we are undergoing a technology transformation, as organizations realize the need for insights driven decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies can help harness this data to drive real business outcomes across industries. Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning service are leading customers to the world of ubiquitous insights and enabling intelligent applications such as product recommendations in retail, load forecasting in energy production, image processing in healthcare to predictive maintenance in manufacturing and many more.

Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Annonce de la mise à disposition générale du service Azure Machine Learning : un coup d'œil sous le capot

mardi 4 décembre 2018

Nous annonçons aujourd'hui la mise à disposition générale du service Azure Machine Learning. Le service Azure Machine Learning contient de nombreuses fonctionnalités avancées conçues pour simplifier et accélérer le processus d'élaboration, d'apprentissage et de déploiement de modèles de Machine Learning.

Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure